Parallel Slalom

The project 'Parallel Slalom' is a mode of simultaneously writing 'parallel' stories by two authors on a previously set theme, chosen via a specific procedure. During the eight years of working on this joint venture, Ogurlic and Jurkovic have written more than a hundred parallel stories. This project gave birth to two books; 'Parallel Slalom' (ICR, 1989), and 'The Most beautiful Stories - Parallel Slalom 2' (Tiskara Rijeka 1993) and to a homonymous theatre production by Rijeka's ensemble 'Otvorena Scena Belveder'

Ogurlic '85


Very vague, dim, almost split sight remains. And, it is very hot. I am standing in the second file of the right half of the row, underneath the hospital, constantly hustling and fighting for my place. I have two streamers in my hands with wooden chipboard handles, manually made in our school's technical workshop.

We shout out slogans, and then we sing. We are not sure how long all this will last. Someone tore my streamer. I ask comrade teacher if she has adhesive tape. My partisan cap with a plastic red star is to big for my head; it keeps falling over my forehead, and I am constantly lifting it up and arranging it. The cap is wet around the edges. There are some tall girls in front of me, I can hardly see anything. The teacher has assumed a conductor's pose and we start singing again. It is OK when we sing, because then we hustle less. Then we practice waving our streamers. Our hands have to be raised very high and our eyes must be set right in front of us. Later on a policeman requires us to move onto the sidewalk, which creates jostle. In this tumult, I succeeded to emerge in the front row.

I managed to see an escort car and two uniformed men on motorcycles, when suddenly someone pulled me back and momentarily I found myself in the third, maybe even the fourth row. When the limos were announced, I again shoved my way between the bodies, into the second row. Someone cursed me, I was downcast and lost my will to advance. I hardly managed to see the white limo, followed by the black one, and the wide shoulders that blocked my horizon.

In the midst of despair, I found that I remained without a second streamer as well.

Jurkovic '85


first of all you have to learn a few things when Tito sojourned on the island of Vis I was not born yet and secondly I moved to Komiza on Vis only four years ago you know if you want to talk about 1944 you will have to look for someone much older because I am still a young man you see we can talk right here about different things otherwise your questions are ok and provocative usually I am happy to support youth newspapers but you see I really cannot answer this one I mean it is not the real thing I tell you I see you insist upon my meetings with Tito but all right maybe I will tell you what happened to me last summer when my nephews came to visit me you know they live in Osijek they are my brother's while my sister's kids live in Zadar but still they like coming to Komiza every summer really and I love that too then one evening little Zvone he is eight years old plays the guitar the boy is awfully musical child prodigy he found some music papers inside my stuff and it was that nice old song by Balasevic I have seen Tito three times and so he took the guitar in his hands and I got overwhelmed with some melancholy and I recalled one summer work camp when a boy of his age succeeded to make half of the youth working brigade cry you know those were such times so he played that song we were sitting on the waterfront little Anna three years old and then Zvone asked me whether I too have seen Tito three times so I explained to him that I was born too late but he keeps molesting and won't surrender so easily and so you know I have seen Tito only once when together with Ogurlic I don't know whether you know him I attended the third class of the primary school and I recall we had a day off school and when the suit of Mercedes came by he waved through the window and we wrote essays later on you know I told this to Zvonko and he was a little bit disappointed and then Anna asked will I see Tito too I start pondering and then said yes you will Anna if you desire it strong enough